Inspired by an old brass mail chute that runs the floors of the historic Ascott Hotel at Finlayson Road, this wonderful restaurant conjures up a scene of the 1920s art deco inspired London. Indeed, this scene has inspired the food here at the Royal Mail. 1920s London was a melting pot of diverse cultures and styles and those qualities have certainly rubbed off.

Nestled in the heart of Raffles Place, the Royal Mail is the perfect location for a dinner date or a business lunch. Its warm, inviting ambience dotted with small touches of modern furniture keeps this place traditional but yet fresh and exciting.

The entrées for lunch include a delectable Pan Seared Scallops while dinner, a choice of Scallop Flan and Salmon Mousse Terrine. My personal favorite was, however, the Salmon Mousse. The combination of the delicate mousse and an assortment of crunchier sesame seeds creates just the perfect ensemble of flavors. The salmon roe too, occasionally punctuates the dish with its salty character, giving balance to the whole dish. What catches you most of all is the sheer attention to detail as the chef sculpts this dish not just as any ordinary meal, but rather, a work of exquisite finery.



For the mains, I would certainly suggest trying out the excellent Pan Seared Salmon. Chefs these days try to create balance in a dish. They aim to combine flavors that do not lean too heavily on a particular sense or texture (eg. A purely salty dish) to create depth and dimension to a dish.

This extra dimension is translated in this dish with the incorporation of beetroot. Though an unusual pairing, beetroot gives crunch to the salmon’s softer texture, as well as adds that slight tinge of sweetness – an inspired combination. Instagram-users too would note that this pretty dish includes an embellishment of flower petals, use to garner a fair amount of Instagram ‘likes’.


As for dinner, the Chicken Enchiladas may not look quite as appealing but it certainly is a hearty and welcoming Mexican favorite. Breaking up the crumbly puff pastry will reveal lashings of moist, juicy chicken filling.


While you may be feeling satisfied after your mains, please do leave space for the decadent Crepe Suzette. For the ultimate outburst for flavors, do mix the ice cream, orange peel and the crepes all in a single mouthful.


What strikes you most about Royal Mail though is the truly excellent staff. It’s rare to see waiters who are not only helpful and knowledge but witty and charismatic. The mark of a good restaurant is one able to deliver quality food. The mark of an exemplary restaurant however is one able to create a whole gourmet experience. With such an excellent crew over, any meal over here at the Royal Mail will not only satisfy your palette but also leave you with a smile hanging on your face.