It’s hard to find tranquility in amidst our urban jungle. What Fordham and Grand has managed to create is that oasis that we all crave, a break to our hectic lifestyle and an unfettered environment where enjoy the pleasure of eating great food.

Finding this establishment is not an easy task though. A pair of unassuming plain wooden doors completely camouflages its premises, with the only clue to its existence being a small sign bearing the restaurant’s name. Stepping inside, however, speaks a different story. Soft lighting and paneled interiors greets us into an upscale but relaxed atmosphere.

The first dish was the sublime Artichoke Soup with Truffle-Scented Froth. Most starters begin with boring, bland soups, but not at Fordham. The wonderfully aromatic truffles blended effortlessly with the earthly notes of the artichokes. The chefs too have been careful to make this savory combination light, leaving us plenty of space for subsequent courses.


The next dish featured Hokkaido scallops. Pan seared scallops are always a delight and what pushes this iteration to the next level was the inclusion of salty Jamon Iberico bits. Applied almost like a batter, it punctuates the smooth consistency of the scallop with moments of smoky, chargrilled goodness!


Main course came in the form of Linguine, served with the freshest Tiger Prawns I’ve ever tasted. Inspired by our local Hokkien Mee, lobster and shellfish oil were substitutes to the latter’s use of prawn heads. The results are flavors that are far richer and intense. The tiger prawns were not only fresh, but they carried a wonderful half burnt crust.


The next dish was more a drink than actual food. A refreshing ice tea was the perfect palette cleanser just before we embarked on dessert.


You know what they say about saving the best for last. Fordham and Grand did just that with its final dish. Served with brioche and vanilla ice cream, this dish is certainly not what you would refer to as traditional “French Toast”. For the most decadent blend of flavors, I would suggest having the brioche, the custard sauce and the ice cream all altogether in one bite!


Fordham and Grand is a place where one can not only enjoy food at its finest, but also do so in a beautiful, stress-free environment. In a setting like this, the world around you seems to fade away, with the food being the only subject in front of you. It is then where we can truly enjoy the wonderful flavors that the excellent chefs at Fordham and Grand have whipped up for us.