We had both the bacon and ham sandwich, which was filling and a great chomp for anyone looking for a satisfying meal. With a touch of mayo, the sandwiches were livened up. It comes with a side of chips, so have some munching fun while you look on at  the beautiful spread of ice cream and wonder about which ones to get.

Tropical Paradise Bingsu 2Tropical Paradise Bingsu

Challenging the norm of using frozen fruits, the owners’ are dedicated to using only fresh fruits. Each bowl of bingsu is carefully crafted and treated with care. Dig in deeper and be surprised by a wonderful ball of homemade ice-cream sitting in the middle snow. Every mouthful is a new surprise!

Molton Lava Cake with Galaxy Ice CreamMolten Lava Cake with Galaxy Ice Cream

Zero Degrees’ version of molten lava cake comes with a thin layer of crisp above the spongy and fluffy cake. Cut open slowly and let the thick and luscious dark chocolate and nutella chocolate flow out. Paired with a scoop of ice-cream, no words can describe the feeling.

The Galaxy Ice Cream is a concoction of 5 different kind of berries with a vanilla base. Even with no sugar added, the sweetness level was perfect, beautifully balanced with tangy flavour from the berries.

Chcolate Rum Topped with Almond FlakesChocolate Rum Ice cream

Thick and delicious dark bitter chocolate ice-cream infused with generous amount of rum. You might just get drunk on these.

Truffle Cheese Fries

The truffle cheese fries were freshly fried upon order and well-worth the wait. Cheesy strands lay on top of the plate of truffle infused thick-cut fries. The fries were fried to a crispy brown, and warm and fluffy right down to the centre. This is the perfect bite for any conversation, and we found ourselves polishing off the fries in no time.

Signature Chicken Wings close upChicken Wings

The chicken wings were impressive and emerged as one of our favourite dish. The chicken wings were marinated overnight in a special sauce. The owner insists on only using fresh chicken and this explains for the fresh and succulent meat of the chicken wings. The crispy coat was flavourful, and each mouthful leaves one wanting.

WafflesAmerican Waffles

Crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside, the waffle is perfect on its own, lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Pair it with the ice-cream served in the cafe, you’re in for a treat!

Korean Ade

The Korean Ade is a refreshing drink, and comes in flavours of either grapefruit or grapes. The pulp bits of the fruits in the soda water are an extra bonus; extremely satisfying to catch with the straw. A definite thirst-quencher, the Korean Ade that we had were mixed in just the right proportion so that they were not too sweet, yet quelled our desire for a sweet drink on a hot summer’s day.