We started with the Kai’s More’s Platter, which puts together three delicious starters: The rich and flavourful beer chilli cheese fries, crispy and gooey broccoli with 63 degree egg, and the hot and spicy buffalo wings.

IMG_8091NEWKai’s More’s Platter

Beer Chilli Fries- The beer chilli was rich and had a generous portion of sauce doused over the fries, which were lightly seasoned with salt.

Broccoli with 63 degree egg- The charred broccoli was surprisingly one of the best component of the more’s platter. The flavours were pronounced, yet light and juicy. The 63 degree egg complemented the broccoli for bursts of surprises, and even won over those of us who do not hold any particular affection for vegetables.

Buffalo Wings- The buffalo wings’ pepper hot sauce is not to be underestimated. It started off alright, before the spiciness starts to kick in. The marination was done really well such that the wings were lip-smacking good. The wings really pack a punch, and the heat is enough to make you want to keep a glass of icy cold water by your side.


The Kaibonara was smooth, silky, with bits of intense bacon flavours punctuating each bite. Let us also not forget the succulent prawns that lay on top of the dish, elevating both its taste and aesthetic appeal.

IMG_8136NEWIndonesian Style Barbecue Pork Rib

Definitely not for the faint-hearted! Glazed with barbeque sauce that was infused with Indonesian spices, the pork ribs was undoubtedly tender. The spices lent a good kick to one’s tastebuds with its spicy and tangy punch. This also came with a generous serving of fries topped with cajun powder and seasonal vegetables.


Also known as milk from sea, these beautiful babies are smooth, fresh and gives a sweet aftertaste with each chew. Believe it or not, each piece of this goodness give a final crunch before your finish it all up by letting it flow through your gullet.

IMG_8081NEWShirley Temple

The drink was well-concocted without being cloyingly sweet. The fizzy ginger ale surely gave a nice refreshing touch to the tartness and sweetness that came from the splash of grenadine. Garnished with a cherry, this drink possessed a stronger feminine character.

IMG_8114NEWSurf and Turf

A wonderful pairing of what runs on the grass and what swims in the sea. The freshness of the prawn could be felt from the springy flesh as you chew upon it and the sweetness of the prawn just spreads across your palate. The beef was well seared and tender, creating a perfect contract of flavour. The whole dish was well-balanced in terms of flavour, and also texture.