Black Tongue is a cosy cafe nestled along Beach Road. Cosy and exciting at the same time, it is a place for lunch, after work happy hour, with friends and even with your family for a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle in downtown Singapore.

Crispy Baby Squid & Fries 2 Crispy Baby Squid & Fries

We started the meal off with the Crispy Baby Squid & Fries, bite-sized pieces of squid fried to a gorgeous brown. Crispy, bouncy and flavourful, they are a great snack to accompany any conversations. Slightly spicy, with a well-bodied depth in flavour, the addictive dip that came with it makes dunking ever so tempting.

Almond & Thyme Crust Norwegian SalmonAlmond & Thyme Crust Norwegian Salmon

The norwegian salmon came with a crust of thin almond flakes and was coated with a rich lemon butter sauce. The salmon was cooked just right, when pulled apart, it revealed its fatty, flaky, pink, glistening meat.The hint of citrus in the rich butter made the dish flavoursome yet refreshing. Oomph. The side of grilled asparagus was nicely charred, and would have made a great stand-alone dish.

Everything Also Salted Egg (Matcha) (close up)  Everything Also Salted Egg (Matcha)

The burger that got us all excited:Two soft fluffy green buns with a sprinkle of crisp sesame seeds on top, with a chicken thigh sandwiched in between. The matcha buns were interesting, although the matcha flavour was slightly too subtle. Other than that, the burger was absolutely delicious. The chicken thigh fillet was well-marinated and served thick and juicy, much deserving of the golden coat of salted egg sauce that leaked out with each attempt to eat the burger.

Crispy Nutella Chocolate Crepe (Dessert) 2  Crispy Nutella Chocolate Crepe

The Crispy Nutella Chocolate Crepe was presented in the form of four crispy chewy rolls, with Nutella spread generously between each layer. Served warm alongside a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream, each spoonful felt like a warm hug in winter; an unimaginable comfort.