BRIDGE’s owner started the restaurant with the recollection of his younger self at the back of his mind, where he had difficulty finding a suitable restaurant to bring his date and even struggled to calm his nerves during the dinner itself. He then came up with the concept behind BRIDGE, which is to place diners in a comfortable environment ideal for savoring the true essence of their food. A downplay of the serious sit-down dinner truly bridges the gap experienced by diners and allow them to truly appreciate fine food BRIDGE brings.

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Fried Fish Skin

We started the meal with two appetizers, where most of us were curious to see how fried fish skin tasted with an accompanying salted egg dip. BRIDGE’s salted egg dip embodied enough flavor to complement the crispy fish skin, but yet was not too overwhelming.

Truffle Overloaded Fries

Truffle fries might seem like a mainstream appetizer served virtually everywhere, but it might not be so if it comes with unique dips like the one we had. BRIDGE makes sure that their truffles fries are overloaded with flavor from the fries alone and when dipped in the accompanying truffle mayo, truffle oil and truffle honey, which is specially imported from Italy.


Grilled Spanish Octopus and Paella

The vibrant colors of the ingredients that made up this dish took us by surprise, and it proved to be a hot favorite among us. The octopus was fresh, tender, succulent and came with pomegranate dressing. The paella was well cooked, with little hint of mushiness. Its flavor comes out with every subsequent chew, its intensity will definitely leave you satisfied.


Backfin Crab and Soba (Chilled)

The neatly arranged dish was unique – it did not come with the crab shell still intact, but instead, the crab meat was taken out of its shell and presented to us on top of the neat stack of soba noodles, whetting our appetite instantly. This dish even had kimchi in it, giving it a tinge of spice. A definite must-try, especially for those who are fans of cold soba.


Homemade Beef Balls and Tagliatelle with Herbs

This was well portioned, with the beef balls placed beside the Tagliatelle well cooked with sprinkles of garlic crumbs, drenched generously with cranberry coulis and gravy – a great balance between sweet and savory.


Charcoal Maple Pancakes and Fried Chicken

The stark contrast between the charcoal pancake and sunny side up served alongside came as a surprise as this dish defies the mainstream concept of light, caramel colored pancakes. The light fluffy pancakes were just lightly drizzled with maple syrup and hence was not too overwhelming. The overall taste was well balanced by the fragrant fried chicken which came with a white gravy dip.

Warm Sweet Potato Cake

Two warm sweet potato cakes cut in the shape of cubes were presented to us, surrounded by juicy coconut pudding and a scoop of coconut ice cream on top of one of the cakes, making it a pleasure to look at. Although the entire presentation fills only half the plate, it packs a punch. The sheer combination of hot and cold works wonders with one’s taste buds, and the sweet potato cakes are adequately dense – this is indeed a sweet ending to a meal.


Green Tea Waffle

Green tea waffles and ice cream might be mainstream, but not getting this item on the table is a mistake. The green tea ice cream is imported from Okinawa – the first of its kind to land here in Singapore. It differs from other green tea ice cream as it is made from authentic Japanese green tea, which results in the slightly bitter aftertaste. The waffle is lightly dusted with cinnamon powder, giving it a unique but great taste – we finished every bit of it.


Mini pastries

The chocolate, custard and cranberry mini pastries were served to us warm and we were pleasantly surprised with how the change in temperature could make such a big difference. They were light, fluffy and easy on the stomach, not the usual bloated feeling experienced.