Salmon Chowder

Each scoop of this delicious soup transports you back to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The smooth and creamy soup base was thick, rich and flavourful. Served in a delicious bread bowl, all you have to do is to sip, tear and dip for the perfect bay area experience. 

IMG_7682NEWClam Chowder Rice

At Seattle Pike Chowder, you get to opt for rice instead of the bread bowl, which was something very new to us. After having a taste of the combination, we were won over. There was a generous portion of clams, and when paired together with the plump black rice cooked to perfection, every mouthful was a satisfying surprise. I’m sure some Singaporeans will love this new variation.

IMG_7701NEWCrab Salad Sandwich

The crab salad sandwich comprises of chunky pieces of crab meat held in a lightly toasted roll. The bed of chopped vegetables added a nice texture to the dollop of rich and intense crab meat. The sauce helps bind everything together and it’s a great light option for ladies and anyone watching their waistline.

IMG_7700NEWSpicy Shrimp Sandwich

The fresh and crunchy prawns were tossed in a delicious lightly spiced marinade. The balance between the light sweetness of the seafood and the heat from the sauce makes this dish a must order.