Chicken & Waffle

The chicken & waffle was a great mix of sweet and savoury. The well-marinated chicken was cased in a light and airy batter that results in a crunchy exterior surrounding juicy, succulent meat. The Belgian buttermilk waffles beneath the chicken was slightly denser, and complemented the chicken really well.

IMG_9327NEW Blueberry Pancake

These Blueberry pancakes were voted to be the best in New York twice by the New York Magazine. The fluffy pancakes went very well with the delicious sweet and sour tinge of the blueberry compote.  

IMG_9365NEW Huevos Rancheros

A dish with a mexican touch. Sunny side up with red beans, guacamole, jalapeno sour cream, salsa picante, pepper Jack cheese on a house made corn tortilla. It was a perfect balance of spice, and the texture was layered perfectly, providing a multi-dimensional experience on every bite.


Sides: –

We were served House Smoked Salmon, House Smoked Bacon, Sweet Potato Fries, Deep Fried Green Tomatoes and Sugar Cured Bacon. Our favourite was the Sugar Cured Bacon, which was a total surprise as the bacon was easy on the teeth. Take a bite and you experience the unique sweetness of the top layer of the bacon, followed by the savory enjoyment from the lean and fatty area of the dish. We couldn’t stop.
Should you like you experience the New York way of life, do visit them at purvis street! Click the map before for mo