The premium scoop of black vanilla ice cream was delicious but it was the pistachio ice cream that got everyone raving. A two-time Gelato World-Cup-Champion, the ice cream was smooth, velvety, rich and oh so satisfying.

Spaghetti gelatoGelato Spaghetti

 The gelato spaghetti had an interesting texture, like icy cold spaghetti doused in a sweet red hue strawberry sauce and chocolate shavings. It was quite an experience having ‘spaghetti’ melting in our mouths. We also tried a different version of the gelato spaghetti, this time in chocolate sauce with nuts scattered all over for an extra nutty crunch. This one would definitely find fans among chocolate lovers.

IMG_3174NEWsuper XXL. Giovani L. Sundae

The super XXL. Giovani L. Sundae was a spectacular sight; filled with colourful scoops of creamy splendour. Some of our favourite flavours included the chocolate pistachio; with a faint hint of pistachio that went extremely well with the slight bitterness of the chocolate and the strawberry; with the right amount of sourness to it, balancing out the sweet.