Happy Tummy is a cosy place nestled within Wilkie Edge, with a wide variety of fresh greens, meats and homemade sauces to satisfy your everyday cravings. Happy Tummy introduces new sauce every month, which includes the likes of coconut lemon grass and chilli crab. You get to choose your own herbs too, like basil and oregano.

Wrap 2Salad Wrap

The wrap option is available for those in search for a satisfying meal to last them before lessons, or as a reward after a long lesson. You get to choose your own ingredients, and we packed the wrap with our favourite ingredients. For us, the vibrant colours of the mushrooms, ham and corn came together for a little savoury sweetness.

Waffles with honey drizzleWaffles Salad

What really caught our attention was the waffles and salad, two seemingly disparate things. However, it is the perfect option for students who would like to have the best of both worlds. The fresh salad holds a generous amount of greens, piled beside two pieces of soft fluffy waffles. The waffles won us over, and tasted equally good when paired with the savoury meats or the chocolate sauce. The waffles were surprisingly nicer than some of the shops that specialise in waffles.

To entice you further, simply top up $1.20 for either a soup, drink or dessert of the day!