Bacon Karate Chop

Served with golden brown thick fries and salad, the two thick slabs of sous-vide bacon was perfectly seared with a delicious smoky sauce. Each bite was enjoyable with the sweetness of the meat and sauce enhanced by the savoury bacon.

Heroes FriesHeroes Fries

Each piece of the potato was well coated with the delicious stewed minced beef. Every bite was a full, flavourful punch, enhanced by the fragrance and chewy texture of the melted cheese. Perfect with a nice golden pint of beer.
IMG_7584Rambo Rootbeer Float

The root beer float was served in an impressive one litre jug. A large scoop of vanilla ice cream floated neatly on top, until it melted into a delicious mess of cream and bubbles, a definite thirst quencher. We caution you not to down everything by yourself.

IMG_7613The Roost

The burger held a thick and succulent slab of chicken, and was paired with a tangy pineapple cilantro slaw and cajun mayo. The tangy pineapple cilantro slaw was really special, making the sinful burger refreshing at the same time. As you prepare to chow down on this dirty, delicious burger with a generous portion of slathered cajun mayo, make sure you’re using both hands!

Astro Miso Pork RibsAstro Miso Pork Ribs

These racks of tender pork ribs slathered in Japanese miso and BBQ marinade ooze a unique savoury aroma and honey-like flavour. No excessive energy needed to eat this, the meat was fall-off-the-bone soft and tender. It was served with a bucket of fries, we suggest dipping them into the rich marinade left on the plate.

Clash of the Potato, Mayo and ScallionsClash of the Potato, Mayo & Scallions

Clash of the Potatoes, Mayo and Scallion was a great starter and was definitely addictive. The potato was left skin-on and smashed into bite-sized pieces, giving a nice contrast in texture. It was a lovely combination of smokiness and sweetness in every bite — thanks to the Japanese kewpie mayonnaise and generous sprinkle of scallions.