The Buta bowl was the first to arrive and displayed a nice mix of colours. Topped with thick slices of Japanese aburi cha shu, juicy cherry tomatoes and ume-pickled apples, it looked irresistible. The ume-pickled apples added a nice tinge of sourness to keep each mouthful refreshing. The bed of ninja rice, which consists of an in-house blend of different grains formed the perfect base. The onsen egg brought everything together with its rich yolk and soft white, the hallmark of a perfectly cooked egg.


The Genki bowl contained nicely browned unagi laying on top of a bed of cous cous. The roasted pumpkin on the side was slightly sweet, while the bean sprouts and pickled beets provided a nice crunch to the dish. Together with the aforementioned onsen egg, the ingredients combined to form a perfect marriage of textures in the mouth.

Yasai [salmon poke, mixed sultanas, onsen eggs, tomatoes'Yasai

The Yasai, a salmon poke with mixed sultanas, was quite interesting. The sultanas were certainly an interesting topping, as it was very sweet and contrasted sharply with the savoury sauce. Together with the salmon, this formed a strange but enjoyable dish, perfect for fans of unconventional flavour combinations.

Fancy French copyFancy French

For desert, we were served the Fancy French, one of their best-sellers. It consisted of thick French toast with crispy edges encasing a soft, fluffy centre. The fig jam beautifully complemented the purple petals and made the dish beautiful. We loved the homemade hazelnut butter which went well with the generous slices of fresh fruits and ume-bashi infused honey drizzled over. This was certainty a good end to a good meal.