Shepherd’s Pie

Beneath the golden brown crust, lies a bed of soft, fluffy mashed potato and generous servings of ground beef with diced mushroom. It was a pleasure digging into the generous and satisfying portion of shepherd’s pie.

Chocolate milkshake Milkshakes

The milkshakes were presented in a clear and frosty cold glass. We like that each milkshake had a generous scoop of ice cream, so that the milkshakes remained chilled as the scoops slowly melted to form a creamy mess that tasted absolutely delicious.

The avocado gula melaka milkshake made for a surprising pairing, with the light sweetness of the gula melaka bringing life to the rich and creamy, but otherwise mild flavors of the avocado. The chocolate milkshake, though more conventional, was smooth and velvety, with a rich chocolate finish.   

Latte with two things