Richmond Wings

Glazed with the Richmond Stations’ secret recipe, the lightly battered chicken wings are crispy and sticky on the outside and juicy inside. Enjoy a gastronomical symphony of the rich flavours dancing on your palate, while enjoying the balance in texture when your teeth sink through the skin and into the tender, juicy flesh.

Zesty Crab Angel Hair PastaZesty Crab Angel Hair Pasta

The pasta was tossed in the perfect proportion of chili and garlic. The natural sweetness of the crabmeat is enhanced by the zesty marinade, bringing the dish to the next level with the perfect swirl of the sweetness of the crab, tangy flavour from the lime, and the light heat from the chilli padi. Perfect!

Chicken SpaghettiCreamy Chicken Pesto

Cooked till al-dente, the texture of the spaghetti was perfect. The sauce to the pasta was light and not too overpowering, and the cream was a perfect match for the subtle seasoning of the chicken chunks.

Crab BenedictCrab Benedict
The Crab Benedict came with two poached eggs, doused in hollandaise sauce and topped with a generous serving of shredded crab meat. We had one poached egg on a homemade crumpet, and the other on an English muffin. We preferred the English muffin base as it was fluffier, in contrast to the denser crumpet.