Roll-up is a bistro that was set up with the goal to change the misconception that Kebabs and Rolls are only for the Turkish, as part of Mediterranean cuisine. The founder prides himself on the creative use of traditional cooking methods of Indian cuisine, beautifully fused with ingredients and contemporary cooking methods to achieve new flavors.

IMG_7785NEWTraditional Chicken Tikka

The Traditional Chicken Tikka had a nice smoky flavour and the chunks of chicken were seasoned with just the right amount of spice, such that the rolls were flavorful yet did not overpower the original sweetness of the chicken.

Chicken Malai Tikka

For those who can’t take the heat from chilli, you have to get this. Also known as “Crème Poulet”, the chicken was marinated in a yogurt cheese base marinade and a milder concoction of Indian herbs. Tender, fragrant, mildly spiced and a little creamy, each bite will bring immense enjoyment.

IMG_9280NEWFish Tikka

For those who are looking for something relatively lighter in terms of flavour and texture, the Fish Tikka is perfect for you. The fish is marinated in a yogurt base mix and grilled in a charcoal tandoor. The strong smoky flavour is enhanced by the delicious blend of Indian herbs, balanced off by the sweetness of the fish. 

IMG_7771NEWMasala Fries

The Masala Fries were addictive, to say the least. Fried to a golden brown and paired with a special Masala sauce, this is the perfect side.

IMG_7807NEWMutton Seekh Tikka

The spice marinade was light and flavourful but strong enough to cover the gamey flavour of the mutton. The meat was juicy and an absolute delight to devour.