We started off the meal with the carbonara, a creamy dish with bacon slices topped with a soft egg. When broken apart, the smooth yellow yolk coated the strands of spaghetti, making the dish richer and more satisfying. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly, firm to the bite and delicious.

Seafood MarinaraSeafood Marinara Spaghetti

The seafood marinara spaghetti that followed was a great delight. The rich red sauce had an intense tomato flavour to it, occasionally punctuated by the slight kick from the chilli.

Mushroom And egg ragoutMushroom and Eggs Ragout

The mushroom and eggs ragout was interesting, with meaty chunks of mushrooms dressed in a rich creamy sauce. The bread beneath soaked up all the goodness, especially the runny yolk from the poach eggs.
Eggs and Steak (Closeup)Eggs and Steak  

The medium rare steak had a tender texture with a crispy outer layer. The scrambled eggs were soft and creamy, contrasting well with the stronger flavours of the beef. The fries, absorbed with the remaining sauce from the beef, was absolutely delicious.