About Us

SMU’s Gourmet Club was founded in 2004 to dish out a smorgasbord of new and exciting culinary experiences for its members. It was established for the sole purpose of bringing together like-minded souls who simply love to eat – be it hawker hunts or fine dining experiences, the club aims to spread the love for food as well as cater to all demographics of students in SMU. Apart from savouring food per se, the SMU Gourmet Club also believes that food appreciation also comprises of going back to the basics – the origins, history and cultural backgrounds of food. The SMU Gourmet Club does this by providing a platform for students to learn more about food through various events of different natures, such as cooking classes and food appreciation sessions. Ultimately, the SMU Gourmet Club’s existence stems from the need for students to take a step back and enjoy the little things, without which food will be just another necessity.

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